The Hal Lewis Scam

So I saw this Facebook post today announcing a “Top U.S. Scientist” resigned over a “global warming scam.”

Hal Lewis 1

Here is the link. Please note the ample number of breast links on this “news” site for relevant background.

Hal Lewis

Note the date of September 29, 2015. If you read carefully into the article, though, you will notice that the original article is from October 2010. This is five-year old news, being passed off on Facebook as current. Hal Lewis died in May 2011.

Then I tried to research who Hal Lewis actually was. Far from being a “top scientist,” nobody in the scientific community of climate research even seems to know who he is. His last significant work in academics (physics) was in the 1970s, and he retired in 1991 from U.C. Santa Barbara. His claim to fame and Wikipedia notice is based on this letter.

Here is another post ruminating about Hal Lewis and his obscurity and credentials in climate science.

But it was posted on Facebook, so it must be true and certainly authentic in 2015. I guess I’ll change my opinion.

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