Movie Review: The Escort

The-Escort-2015-203x300The movie description says that Mitch “is a sex obsessed” journalist. I thought he was more a struggling journalist who doesn’t know what to do with his life. However, he does have a neat app on this phone, where stranger women message him for quickies, and he drops everything and meets up with them. Of course, the women are always really hot looking. Who else would message strange guys they never met for a hookup in the middle of the afternoon?

I wondered: Is there really such an app? And do you get to filter out the dumpy chicks?

Natalie is a prostitute with a Stanford degree with $1000 per hour price, or $3000 a night. She never seems quite real.

They meet by coincidence in a hotel bar, and Mitch talks Natalie into allowing him to write an article about the life of a hooker.

Sounds like a Pretty Woman story, right?

The plot itself is quite boring and the action full of shallow clichés. It’s actually a comedy, and some of the scenes are moderately funny. But otherwise, there is nothing worthwhile here, and I found it hard to write this review a day or two later. I’d pretty much forgotten all about it.

Rating - One and a Half Stars

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