Movie Review: An Honest Liar


The Amazing Randi is a magician who dedicated his life debunking psychics, faith healers, clairvoyants, and any con-artists who try to make money passing themselves off as having supernatural skills.

The most famous such con-artist is Uri Geller, who made an international career out of duping people into believing he has supernatural powers. Randi and Uri Geller had a long, adversarial relationship.

An Honest Liar is a documentary about Randi and his life. It’s mainly put together of interviews of Randi himself and his friends and associates over the years.

While the film is about Randi and his skills, it also brings forth surprising revelations about his personal life that most of us didn’t know. Was Randi actually the deceiver that we thought he was, or was he also deceived?

Rating - Two Stars

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    1. YAY! Netflix has it! It’s now on my weekend watch list. Will have to wait and watch it while The Man is at work. He talks too much during movies/tv LOL

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