Dumbest Facebook Challenge: City Without an “A”

City without A

So I tried – not even very long:

New York, London, Moscow, Munich, Bonn, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Oslo, Seville, Berlin, Detroit, Phoenix, Des Moines, Toronto, Helsinki, Mexico City, Perth, Venice, Zürich, Bern, Denver, Erie, Pittsburgh, St. Petersburg, Houston, Ft. Worth, Columbus, Youngstown, Jersey City, Sioux City….

Ok, getting tired of this….

It took me one or two minutes to write this list from memory, no checking sources.

Stupid, dumb quiz.

Note I wrote this whole post with no “a”.


2 thoughts on “Dumbest Facebook Challenge: City Without an “A”

  1. Bwahahahaha! I despise those “challenges.” The dumbing down of America is getting worse by the day. I try to post intelligent, rational stuff, and all my “friends” want to do is play around all day with quizzes like “what color sock are you” or post about something that offended them, such as “this color sock offends me!” It’s gotten downright ugly over there. It’s gotten so bad lately that I’ve had to start deleting and/or hiding people.

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