American Airlines’ Website Sucks

More than I year ago I wrote this post complaining about American Airlines needing to fix its website. Well, they have made some changes to it, but I still is mired with fundamental problems, so this post might be almost déjà vu.


The picture above shows the front page and its login section (red arrow). When I put in my account, name and password, it accepts it, but then it can’t resolve it for some reason, and it jumps to the error screen below.


There is no good way to get back, so the only way to move forward is to enter the account number again, and my password (red arrows above).



However, since they changed the requirement recently to add a name, the second screen fails, and it goes to the screen above, where I have to log in a 3rd time. This time I’ll be successful.

Summary: to get into,  I have to log in three times every time. I can’t figure out what the shortcut might be, and I am a software executive. How does my grandma buy a ticket at American Airlines?

Finally, when I was in, I had to purchase tickets for three separate reservations I had on file. After I had paid for the first one successfully, I didn’t know where to go. The screen below shows what’s there after the payment transaction is done. The only solution I could find was click on “My Trips” (red arrow below).


Unfortunately, that made it forget who I was and it came back with the login screen once more (below).


So, in order to purchase tickets for three reservations, I had to log into the site six times. Three times to get in before I got to the link “My Trips” and then three times to get to the payment screens to purchase.

This has been like this for more than a year.

American Airlines’ website really sucks.

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  1. Glenn

    AA website is really difficult to Chang a flight. It will take you thru all the screens even the new change fees via credit card just to tell you one of the change segments is not available. They will indicate which leg is not available but you need to guess.

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