Uproar about Obama’s College Rating Plans

The Obama Administration is planning on creating a college rating system, which can be used to funnel financial aid to better performing schools. Read more about it in this article in Politico.

The Republicans are already in uproar: How dare we put a single rating on a college! It can’t be done! Different students will value different features of an education!

Well, okay, but just because it’s difficult does not mean we should not TRY to do this. We use rating systems all the time. We rate restaurants, movies, hotels, cars, airlines – we rate everything. Why not colleges?

And why make it complicated? Let the people do the rating! Yelp works great – it’s kept me out of many a bad restaurant experience. I say open the rating system up to consumers, and it will be so accurate, it’ll be scary. Then we’ll know quickly if Harvard and Stanford are worth the money.

I have a problem when government dimwits stop initiatives for improvements just because they don’t understand the issues, or don’t like the possible outcomes.

They can’t deal with the truth or reality.

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