A Short History Lesson on Israel

Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid in the world. We give Israel over $3 billion a year. $10 million of our tax dollars a day go to Israel. Yet, when the Israelis kill women and children in Palestine by the hundreds, we don’t seem to be alarmed. Only when Russians or Arabs do that, we’re worried.

Here is a map that shows what Israel has done to Palestine. It looks a little like what European settlers in North America have done to the Native Americans, doesn’t it.

It won’t be long now before Israel can tear down the walls around Palestine and bulldoze everything Arab and build shopping malls, schools and military bases – as there will be no more Palestinians left. A few more decades at this pace, and it’ll be over.

One people without a state (the Jews) will have totally ousted another people without a state (the Palestinians). One persecuted people against another persecuted people.

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Here is a six-minute history lesson of the background of the situation.


If this is all about religion, God must be great.


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