American Airlines Needs to Fix its Website

I have used American Airlines’ website since the Internet started and they had a website. It used to work great. It was efficient, snappy, and elegant. I could quickly find the best prices for tickets, assign my seats, purchase and get out. I had it down so I could buy a ticket within a few minutes.

Then, a year or two ago, the airline decided to “upgrade” its site. Now it has pretty pictures:


As you can see, there is a very happy little girl surrounded by cherry blossoms. Sometimes it shows me places in Hawaii or in the Bermudas to entice me to travel to those exotic places. The problem is, it takes a long time for those pretty pictures to load, sometimes as long as it used to take me to search for my flight.

Ok, I can live with a slow loading site.

But then, when I finally type in my AAdvantage Number, which it does no longer remember even though I click on “Remember me” all the time, and I supply my password and click on Log in, it spins for a while, thinking about who I might be and then it comes back with this:


It tells me that I did something wrong. No, I don’t have multiple browser windows open, I am not using expired bookmark pages, too much time has not elapsed between submitting entries. It does this with IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11. It also does this with Google Chrome. Whenever I go to, it gives me an Invalid State Error after I log in.

When I contacted support, they were not helpful. I am just doing it wrong. It has been like this for years. Am I the only one?

Never mind that I have bought literally hundreds of tickets from American Airlines over the last few years, and I likely know what I am doing with browsers.

When I finally Log in again (red arrow), I get in, and I am good to go:


Now I can actually start work and book my ticket.

American Airlines’ new and improved website is clunky, slow, wastes my time with pictures and advertisements I am not interested in, consistently fails on login, requiring me to log in several times.

They need a website for expert users who are not interested in all the fluff and overhead. People like I don’t need to be sold, or upsold. I am here to BUY TICKETS, nothing else. Please make that simple and easy, and don’t bother me unnecessarily.

Right now, is a marketing website, and not a particularly good one.

I want a business website.

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