The Folly at Benghazi Exposed by 60 Minutes

Over the past year I have complained many times about the endless slamming of the Administration by the conservative pundits because of what happened in Benghazi. Frankly, I thought it was getting trite. Then 60 Minutes did a story on Benghazi last night and it was damning.

Our staff in Benghazi knew they were targets, the military and security experts warned about them being targets, yet no help was provided, after they asked for it, repeatedly, from different directions, many times.

So what was going on?

Our country loves sending Marines or SEALs overseas and show their brawn. We love invading other countries. Getting a credible threat from our favorite villain, Al Qaeda, would normally make us salivate and send in the heavy guns, just for good measure, circle a few drones above, and make a nice show of it.

So why didn’t we send help?

I cannot believe there was any person in the U.S. government that said the following: “Oh, this is not a credible threat. Let’s just leave our guys in Libya exposed. If they have to defend themselves against a few ragheads with guns, they can do that themselves. Send in help? Come on! They don’t need any help!

I cannot believe that anyone in the CIA, the Pentagon or the Administration said that. I cannot believe that Hillary Clinton made such a decision. I cannot believe that Obama made such a decision. It makes no sense. Why would we NOT send help?

The only thing left that could explain it is incompetence. Our government was not enlightened enough to listen to its own people, to assess what was really going on, and to respond with an appropriate measure. Our government was not communicating effectively enough to allow the fateful message to get to a person that was in a position to give the order to send help. Our government, no matter how competent the individual people may be, was not organized enough to act.

That is a scary thought. Our government has nuclear weapons! Think of what it might be capable of doing with those, given faulty information that does not reach the right people and help them come to measured conclusions about a threat.

My only explanation is that our government is incompetent.

And then, it sure looks like it tried to cover it up. The Internet video story makes no sense in the context of what was reported in the 60 Minutes piece yesterday.

I trust the reporting of 60 Minutes much more than I trust the information divulged by our government.

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