Food Waste at Hampton Inn

I stay at Hampton Inns quite often. A couple of weeks ago I was at the Hampton Inn in downtown Albany. Their breakfasts are not elaborate, but I generally only have orange juice, eat some fruit, some yoghurt and, when they have them, I’ll eat a hard-boiled egg.

When I checked out it was about 11:00am, and their breakfast buffet closes down at 10:00 or 10:30. I was looking for a snack for the road, so I went over to the breakfast area and found they had left some muffins out. I picked up a couple, grabbed a napkin, and happened to glance into the trash can as I walked away:

Waste at Hampton Inn

Amongst the Styrofoam dishes, napkins, muffin wrappers were a whole bunch of already peeled hardboiled eggs.

It was a stinging realization.

They peel the eggs and place then into a container from which the guests pick them out with tongs. This makes it easy for the guests, but apparently they can’t save the leftover eggs for the next day.

I know that hardboiled eggs in their shells last for many days, even weeks, if properly refrigerated. For the cost of customers peeling their own eggs they could save their eggs for the next day.

I can count twelve visible eggs in this single photograph, and I didn’t do any digging. This must be going on every day.

Each one of those eggs could keep a hungry child alive for another day in Africa.

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