Banana Tree is Back

Banana Tree

Last winter, our banana tree in the back yard died after a frost spell. We were hoping that it would come back in the spring, but it didn’t. Later in the spring I cut it off at the stump (that’s the round thing in the picture).

After many months of nothing, at the beginning of August, a new shoot came up. The banana tree is fighting back!

I will try to devise something to keep the frost away this coming winter to give it a fighting chance for next year.

4 thoughts on “Banana Tree is Back

  1. Farmer Bob

    Norb-Use a long piece of wire-bend into a hoop-insert ends into the ground until the top of the hoop is about 6 inches above the plant-then double layer a heavy piece of plastic over the plant enclosing the plant-remove plastic when all threat of frost is gone-if weather turns hot then remove. I use this to cover my green crops for use during the winter-have fresh spinach from the garden well into Feb/Mar- Good luck

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