The Airport Bottled Water Scam

When going through security, we all have to give up our water bottles, just so we have to buy new ones on the other side.

Yesterday I was thirsty at the San Francisco Airport. I bought a bottle of water for $2.95 and drank it in 20 seconds. I needed that.

Today I was at Home Depot and saw a whole tray of 24 bottles for $2.79.

Tell me airport water bottle sales is not a scam.

6 thoughts on “The Airport Bottled Water Scam

  1. I take an empty plastic bottle in my big “purse” and when I am through customs, fill it up with tap water.

    I just found you and your blogs: I left a comment on your reliphorism blog
    which I will enjoy looking it, I’m sure, if your astute comments on the Mormon Trail emigration is anything to go by.

    1. Thanks for the visits and keen comments. Much appreciated. You might type “Mormon” into the search box on this blog and you’ll find many posts relating to that religion.

      1. Oh, you’re talking to an old hand with Google. I don’t surf, I spelunk. I have too much material on the Mormon Trail, but haven’t read them all, yet. Just collecting at the moment.

        But… I will certainly click on “Mormon” — you have a nice mind. Look forward to it/them.

    1. Actually, no. If you type into the search box at the very top right on the line where the tabs are, the results will only be for my specific site – at least that’s what it works like for me.

      1. Got it. Thanks! Couldn’t see for looking.
        Looks like lots of good stuff. Will check them out.

        BTW, I’m in Canada now, but was born in La Crescenta, north of L.A.
        then moved to Newport Beach/Costa Mesa. Also lived in Santa Barbara & Montecito for 2 yearsr with 1st husband. Now with No. 2, a Brit.

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