A Government Gone Rogue and a Puppet Slave

I am astonished at what I am describing: a nation in which we are warned that the government is our enemy and that the law enforcement agencies are out to get us if we so much as look sideways at them and their criminal practices. It is astonishing that it has come to this under a president who is supposedly a professor of constitutional law, who promised transparency and commitment to the rule of law, and, most incredibly, is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

So writes Manu Singham, a theoretical physicist and currently Director of UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of three books: God vs. Darwin: The War Between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom (2009), The Achievement Gap in US Education: Canaries in the Mine (2005), and Quest for Truth: Scientific Progress and Religious Beliefs (2000).

I too find myself in disbelief every day and I feel betrayed by Obama. This is not leadership. I haven’t heard anything of substance from Obama on all these recent scandals and controversies. This can bring down a nation. Yet, our “transparent” Nobel Prize-adorned leader has nothing meaningful to say?

Is he, perhaps, just a puppet in the big Washington theater of power brokers and stand-up comedians, and he, too, is afraid to speak his mind?

This is not what I read about in The Audacity of Hope five years ago. Where are his principles? What’s he got to lose? He doesn’t have to go through re-election!

This is dark.

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