Atheist Bloggers Should Be Executed…

…according to a few conservative Muslims in Bangladesh.

I know, I know, not everyone supports the freedom of speech like we do in the United States.

The First Amendment is a very important one. It allows me to write here that I don’t believe in any religion, that some people in our government are nutcases, and that it should be mandatory to pass a background check before buying a gun.

Look, nobody has killed me yet.

We should not take this right for granted. It is precious. Here are places where it did or does not exist:

  • Afghanistan today
  • Saudi Arabia today
  • Russia before 1986
  • Germany from 1933 to 1945
  • North Korea today
  • Bangladesh – apparently

Let me stop here. The list will get too long. It’s much easier to write the short list of where you can safely speak your mind.

Zeus bless the United States of America!

4 thoughts on “Atheist Bloggers Should Be Executed…

  1. There are 145 or so million Muslims in Bangladesh — you should change your statement, a few Conservative Muslims in Bangladesh…. Please, you sound as ridiculous as me claiming that all Americans are like the hate group loonies at Westboro Baptist church…

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