Ridiculous Argument Against California Prop 37

California Prop 37 implements food labeling if the product contains genetically engineered components or ingredients.

I am a scientific-minded person and I am a business person. This proposition has nothing to do with whether the products themselves are safe or healthy. It’s about labeling them.

This argument, straight out of the California Voter Information Guide, implies that the products are safe. It’s not about the products!

It also implies that we need scientific justification for labeling. No, we don’t.

I am a consumer, and I want to know what’s in my food, so I can make my own buying decisions more effectively. You can’t tell me that it’s going  to cost all this money to put labels on food.

IT’S A STAMP! Let’s put it on.


2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Argument Against California Prop 37

  1. CG

    Hi Norbert,

    I was intrigued by the “inherently misleading” quotation attributed to the FDA, and spent a little time searching for the source so that I could read the statement in context. I had no luck finding it. Have you looked into this? If so, do you have a link to the source document?

    I suppose I could always ask the No on 37 people. After all, they’re the ones citing the FDA; they should be able to document their sources.

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