Book Review: ChronoSpace – by Allen Steele

ChronoSpace is a gripping, entertaining, captivating time-travel science fiction novel.

Steele wrote and published this novel in 2001. I bought the book then, and somehow I managed to read some way into it before putting it aside, perhaps to make time for something else that was more important at the time. I recognized some of the early passages, so I knew I had read the book, but I could not remember much of the plot. Little did I know that I had such a good time-travel book, unread, in my boxes of paperbacks in the garage!

Dr. David Zachary Murphy works for NASA in Washington, D.C. in 1998. He is a life-long science fiction aficionado, and an aspiring science fiction writer, but he is not good enough at fiction to pull it off. Instead, he writes speculative articles on scientific topics in magazines. When he one day speculates that flying saucers might actually be time ships, filled with human time travelers, the gets more attention than he bargained for.

The story moves around between 1937 on the famous doomed Hindenburg Nazi airship, 1998 when Murphy writes his story, 2024 and 2314, from where humans are leaving for time travel excursions. We get to go on time trips with the travelers and see them from the perspective of the locals. We watch as the smallest mistake causes a paradox, which causes a larger paradox, which results in a massive change of the entire chain of world events, affecting every human being.

How to  fix that if you’re the one who made the mistake?

Rating: ** 1/2

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