Movie Review: A Dangerous Woman

This movie is almost 20 years old, but timeless in its own way. Martha (Debra Winger) is a klutzy and slow-witted woman who lives in a cottage on the property of her aunt Frances (Barbara Hershey). She is quiet, observant, and brutally honest, like a young child would be, even under socially unacceptable circumstances. She works at a dry cleaner in their small town. Kids taunt her as she walks with a lumberjack gait to and from work.

Mackey (Gabriel Byrne), a handyman, shows up at  the house to fix a porch. He develops a lusting for Martha, as well as for her aunt, and soon sparks start flying, causing small-town shock waves and an awakening for Martha.

This is a violent movie with disturbing scenes of abuse, both sexual and emotional. Debra Winger’s performance in this movie is superb and it creates a character study with an upbeat message out of a bloody and depressing story.

Rating: ** 1/2


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