Atrocious Kindle Editing

I just finished reading Larry Niven’s A World out of Time on the Kindle. I paid $6.50 for the book. The editing was atrocious.

There were dozens of gross errors in transcription, or whatever the process is that Amazon uses to make regular books into Kindle books. You’d think they could use the same source that the printed books use. I cannot verify that the printed books don’t have the same errors,  but I strongly believe they don’t.  You can tell by the errors.

When have you ever seen the word


spelled as


in the middle of text?

This is not a typo. This is a machine misreading the m to be an rn.

This kind of error tells me that no single human being ever read the book before Amazon published and charged $6.50 for it. It is impossible for a human to read the word rnemory and not trip over it.

Why doesn’t Amazon allow us readers to mark errors like this and synch them back to the host? The first few readers would serve as editors to get rid of trash errors like that and the rest of us would have much cleaner books.

Amazon needs to get its editing cleaned up!

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