German Beds are Bad

I always dread the beds when I travel in Germany.

For a country that can build world-class cars and all kinds of other high-tech stuff, it’s amazing that they can’t build a single decent bed.

Here is my bedroom in one of the hotels (click to enlarge):

Bedroom at Parkhotel Maximilian – Regensburg

This was a nice, upscale hotel. The bed is a hard board with a six-inch foam pad on it. It’s hard, not healthy hard, just uncomfortable hard. The pillows, all puffed up, are feather pillows. When laying them down, they collapse to nothing, a flat pad on the mattress. The “covers” are blankets wrapped in a large “pillow case” which are not big enough to cover shoulders and feet at the same time, and not wide enough to keep my sprawling legs inside. The blankets just kind of float around on top of me.

This is not unique to this hotel or any given house. They will swear they have “a great comfortable bed” and what you get is:

A futon and a small duvet cover

Go figure.

10 thoughts on “German Beds are Bad

  1. Raquel

    Yeah, I would like someone to explain that mini duvet thing too! I’m 5’10 and would like to be covered while I’ll sleep. In the old days German bedding wasnt like this was it?

  2. Brandon

    Here now during covid for the first time and futon is what this pos bed is. It’s like a third world country in most of this place. I can’t believe I’m going to have come back here often for work.

      1. Brandon

        Id love a nice Hampton Inn right now. My co workers from Germany when they travel to America stay at motel 6 and budget motels. I’ve come to terms now that they just don’t know any better after being here a week.

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