Ron Paul on Medicare and Medicaid

From Ron Paul’s Linked-in Profile:

Over nearly four decades of medical practice in Brazoria County, Texas, I have delivered more than 4,000 babies.  In 2001, I was one of only eight doctors in the House (including dentists).
Because I do not believe government should control the doctor/patient relationship, I have never accepted Medicare and Medicaid payments as a physician.  Instead, I worked for free or arranged discounted or custom-payment plans for needy patients.  In short, “I just took care of them.”

We could use a lot more non-professional-politicians in congress, couldn’t we?

One thought on “Ron Paul on Medicare and Medicaid

  1. Eric Petrie

    I think that he sometimes held little tea parties with his neighbors in order to collect contributions to pay for this kind of special care. And when there were too many needy people, well, in the end, nature takes care of them too.

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