Why Yahoo! is in Decline

I use Yahoo! very little, but somehow I go to Yahoo! movie showtimes to find out what movies are playing in my area.

I noticed lately that the site no longer recognizes where I live or am located.

I have no idea where Petorca is and why it shows that as my default. So I tried to fix that by clicking on it, hopefully finding a way to set the default:

Notice that it recognizes that I am in Escondido, CA (top line) but that is not reflected in the initial screen (above). It tells me I don’t have a default, so I follow its instructions by clicking on the Add Location link.

Now I see that it knows my current location and my default. But what am I supposed to do? Click on something? I click on the default link (red arrow) because I can’t figure out what else to do.

This brings me back to the last screen, now showing I have a default location and it knows my current location. I am happy now.

When I come back to the main screen, it’s forgotten all that (red arrow). So I am trying again by following its instructions (blue arrow).

As you can see, it knows fully well where I am, and it’s not Petorca. It’s Escondido. Then I notice what the problem must be:

Oh, it wants me to “sign-in” with my Yahoo! ID. What the heck?

I have no Yahoo! ID. I never had one. I am not getting a Yahoo! ID just so a little old web site for movie showtimes works right! I am going to find another site for movie showtimes.

I am a software designer. Please don’t ever let me do stupid user interfaces like this one, and if I do, call me out on it. 

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