Punishing Children of Illegal Immigrants

Texas Governor Rick Perry got into trouble in his last debate with his own Republican party because he defended the policy in Texas of charging in-state college tuition rates to the children of illegal immigrants.

This is America. We are all immigrants. I am one, albeit a legal one. My children got in-state tuition in college.

There are actually many people in our America that believe, adamantly at that, that children of illegal immigrants should not get in-state tuition. These are American citizens we are talking about, people who were born here, in Texas, in Arizona, in California. Just because their parents did something illegal – enter this country without a visa – we want to punish the children?

How about we punish children for parents who have done something else illegal, like smoke marijuana? How about a week suspension from school if your parents ever smoked pot? How about we brand you with a tattoo if your mom ever got caught shoplifting? How about a higher tax rate if your dad ever committed a felony?

One thought on “Punishing Children of Illegal Immigrants

  1. As a Texas citizen who adamantly hates most of what Perry does I definitely think he’s a realist when it comes to immigration. Perry certainly has not pursued the same egregious policies that Arizona and Georgia has… I guess that’s the only feather in Perry’s cap.

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