Wall Street Protests

While visiting New York City last week, we went down to Wall Street and checked on the ongoing protests.

There were, at that time, hundreds of people gathered, braving rain squalls, camping out in the park and on side walks, holding up hand-written signs, chanting, conducting drum circles, giving speeches, all against Wall Street greed and the establishment allowing it.

There were also hundreds of police, with barricades blocking access to buildings on Wall Street itself. Police had been arresting people, only to let them go again, so they would participate the next day. This has been gathering momentum.

I enjoyed milling about for a while, taking pictures, and listening to speakers.

However, I wonder where this can go? It’s not the anti-war demonstrations against the Vietnam War in the sixties, where the target was one person, Richard Nixon, who had the power to make a difference. You cannot protest against an entire establishment, our banking system, our financial system, free market enterprise and the way Wall Street works. This isn’t going to change if a million people flood lower Manhattan.

I predict it will stop as soon as it gets cold enough so camping out will no longer be possible. It has to fizzle. I see no focus.

Meanwhile, I have respect for people who are dedicated enough to participate for a cause they believe in.

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