Obama and the Teleprompter

I can’t figure out why Obama gets so much flak about using a teleprompter. Check out this woman on her Facebook page:

Barb Ann     Barb Ann

Did he bring his teleprompters to say congrats? Seems this idiot can’t string 4 words together without a teleprompter on both sides as his big head darts from side to side reading them.

Disclaimer: I don’t know Barb Ann – she made this random comment on a White House Facebook page.

First, Barb Ann criticizes Obama using two sentences, and neither of her two sentences is grammatically correct.

Second, Obama is not an idiot. Barb Ann may not like his policies, his attitudes and his personality. She may not like that he got elected. But he is definitely one of our brighter presidents and he is an excellent writer. I wonder if Barb Ann read any of Obama’s books?

Finally, everyone in the media brings up this teleprompter issue.

The fact is, Obama is the best orator on the national level since Reagan, and then Kennedy before him. That’s one of the reasons why he won the election. Another fact is that all politicians, including those speaking on the CPAC stage, use teleprompters. A politician is getting paid to speak all day long. There is no way they could possibly remember all they have to say. Obama just happens to be really good at it.

It would be like criticizing Shaun White not being able to get down a snowy mountain without a snowboard on his feet.

I would like to see Barb Ann speak extemporaneously in front of more than 10 people. I would like anyone criticizing Obama for using a teleprompter do so without a teleprompter – Are you listening, Sean Hannity?

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