Movie Review: Baby Mama

The first Tina Fey movie I have ever seen. She plays Kate Holbrook, a career woman at age 37 who has everything but a baby. After trying all the conventional fertility cures, she eventually gives up and hires a surrogate mother. It get complicated very quickly.

This is a quirky comedy with many hilarious scenes. Steve Martin plays Kate’s boss, a self-absorbed aging hippie who managed to get very rich building a health food empire. But it is also the kind of movie where you can walk out to the kitchen and make a snack and come back without really missing anything.

Nothing to learn here or reflect on. Just light entertainment and a number of good laughs. 

The movie was done in 2008, before the Tina Fey and Sarah Palin connection. Nevertheless, I saw Sarah Palin a few times in this movie, the likeness was striking especially after our relentless conditioning during the 2008 campaign.

Rating: *

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