Reagan’s Dress Code in the Oval Office

When George W. Bush first became president, there was talk about how he was going to bring decorum and dignity back to the Oval Office. Word was that they didn’t like Clinton being there in jeans at T-shirt at times. Bush stated that Reagan never was in the Oval Office without wearing a coat and tie.

When I visited the Reagan Library a couple of months ago I was in the replica of Reagan’s Oval Office. The tour guide talked about how Reagan never entered the Oval Office without a coat and tie. I remembered the Bush story.

Then I walked back out into the exhibit area. There was a large wall of photographs, hundreds of them, chronicling Reagan’s years as president. And there was a photograph of Reagan, sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, surrounded by aides, reading and signing something, dressed in a light blue jogging suit.

There is Reagan, in the Oval Office without  a tie.

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