Frequency – the Movie

Flipping through the channels I stumbled upon the movie Frequency with Dennis Quaid that came out in 2000. It’s a time travel story where nobody actually travels, but a father and son team manage to manipulate the fabric of time to take out a serial killer and make their own family whole.

The time travel phemomenon is woven into a crime mystery story. The crime paces the action, and the time travel makes it unique.

Well, it’s not actually time travel. A father and son team, the son a cop in 2000, the father a firefighter in the late 1960 decade, both ham radio operators, discover that they can talk to each other over the radio through time after peculiar sun storm activity and atmospheric conditions that result in major northern lights all the way down in New York. They live in the same house, the father in 1968, with the son a little boy already bouncing around, and then the son in 2000, with his father passed away.

I won’t give the story away here. But my favorite scene is the passing of the wallet. The plot has finger prints of the perpetrator on the father’s wallet in 1968. The son needs those finger prints in 2000. How is he going to pass them to him? While they are talking on the radio, the son has the father put the wallet carefully into a plastic bag and seal it. The father knows of a loose floor board under a bay window seat. He hides the wallet there so it won’t be found for 30 years. The son then walks over to the window, lifts up the floor board and voila, in a dusty plastic bag is the father’s wallet. They lift the finger prints at the police lab, and the story moves on. This is one of the simplest yet most intriguing and delightful time travel effects I have seen in any movie.

If you have not seen Frequency, rent it, it’s well worth it.

Rating: ****

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