Bluetooth and “Deck the Halls”

This just in from my AFS friend Becky:

Well – ya’ know, ya gotta have a sense of humor!


Today on my way home I had my bluetooth on  – being a good girl – when I heard this unfamiliar sound coming from it.  Then someone tried to call me – it was my brother-in-law in Washington.  He said – “Did you just try to call?”  I hadn’t – then realized I’d been singing along with my Christmas CD to “Deck the HALLS.”  Hall is his last name!


We chuckled and I said I guess I better not sing anymore while my bluetooth is in – he said – NA – just keep track of how many people you can get ahold of just by singing.


It may lose a little in the telling – but it was a little telling just about me.


Have a GREAT DAY – and don’t forget to SING!  Becky

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