Griffis Sculpture Park

Norbert at Griffis Sculpture Park

Last week an old friend and I went to back to visit Griffis Sculpture Park in Cattaraugus County, New York. I was there almost ten years ago. There were many new sculptures, or perhaps I had forgotten much.

It’s way out in the boonies. Here is a map:
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The park now has its own web site. The site just got “upgraded” in July, it seems, and sadly, most of the content of the sculptures is now gone (or not there yet) so it’s of little use other than for promotional purposes.

Many years ago a sculptor started placing his metal statues in the woods. There are many acres of terrain, and as you walk the hiking paths, you’ll encounter a giant spider with ten foot long legs, a life size giraffe, all manner of animals, but also humanoid figures of giant size. There are surprises everywhere, and I am sure I have not seen 10 percent of all the sculptures.

Being an artist myself, I admire the founder and his successors. This is how art should be done. If your art are giant metal sculptures weighing thousands of pounds, this is the gallery to display them.

Here I am, posing with one of the statues right by one of the main roads into the park:

And here looking through the belly of another one:

Norbert Through the Belly
Norbert Through the Belly

If you find yourself in Western New York with a few hours of extra time, visit Griffis. Chances are you are the only one there, you get in a nice walk and you leave inspired.

5 thoughts on “Griffis Sculpture Park

  1. norberthaupt

    Robert: When I see other people’s art, it always inspires me. I go home and I want to work more on my art. That process seems to be a natural requirement for me to continue with the work.

    The concept of a sculpture park is not something that is easily duplicated. For once, the art must be very robust and big. You need a tremendous amount of real estate to make it work. And it takes generations of people to keep it going. A massive undertaking.

    The only type of art I can imagine that is more exhausting in terms of resources and effort is what Christo does ( or perhaps a symphony orchestra.

    So I’ll stay away from scuplture parks and visit them.

    Do you have one in Dorset?

  2. Terri Sullivan

    Beautiful sculpture park, never heard of it.Right now I’m listening to my new favorite female vocalist, Vienna Teng,she has a song about being in someones heart without consent and I look at you “in the belly” of this sculpture and see a heart shape! Terri

  3. My husband and I visited Griffis Sculpture Park this morning. I’ve been to the park in the past, but I am always amazed to find such beautiful pieces of art in the middle of nowhere. We wanted to see the artwork at both at the Rohr Hill entrance and the Mill Valley entrance; however, we were able to visit only the Rohr Hill part of the park. Mill Valley doesn’t open until May 1st.

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