Book Review: Time Pressure – by Spider Robinson

I first read this book in 1988 or 1989, just as it came out. I love time travel books, and I particularly liked this one. Spider Robinson (the creator of Callahan’s Tavern) is an excellent writer, who makes science fiction come to life in our world. So I found the book again on

I remembered Time Pressure as such a book, and I enjoyed reading it again, for about the first third. Then it disintegrated into pseudo philosophical meanderings, hippie admiration and sexual musings. Robinson is one of the few science fiction authors who is not afraid to have sex in his stories. Heinlein is another, to a lesser degree.

I should have left the memories of Time Pressure alone. I had remembered the book as a great book, and I would have given it four stars without hesitation. Reading it again twenty years later, I realize I had forgotten most of the story, remembered only key snippets, and I have matured sufficiently that having sex with a telepathic time traveler, no matter how magnificent her breasts, is not sufficient to drive a story along and keep it meaningful.

It picks up again at the end, when it all comes to a conclusion we’re interested in.

I did enjoy the descriptions of hippie life in Nova Scotia in the 1970ies.

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