American Airlines Cancels Routes

Along with other airlines, American canceled a number of routes to keep costs down in the wake of soaring fuel prices.

I am an American Airlines Platinum customer, and I always choose American first when I travel.

I need to go to Albany, New York, for a day on July 21. Usually I would book my way out on Sunday, July 20, get there early evening, and then fly back during  the afternoon on Tuesday, July 22.

When trying to find flights, it became obvious that there is no way to get from San Diego to Albany any more  with a two-hopper. It’s now a three-hopper, and some of the trips are even overnight trips. This expands a trip that should be about 8 hours long into 12 hours or even more.

Sorry, American Airlines, but I am not buying this trip from you. I will need to go to Southwest, which still has two-hoppers to Albany, at the same prices you charge.

By cutting back routes, you might have saved some money, but you are losing the revenue from business clients that simply cancel trips entirely or start using other airlines.

Sad, sad. Another bad business decision by American Airlines.

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