The Sprinter – San Diego North County Train

The Sprinter, in the works for many years, and vehemently opposed by various factions, went into operations on March 9, 2008. Our office happens to be directly opposite the Escondido Transit Center, the termination of the line. The office is abuzz with positive talk.

One of our managers lives in Fallbrook. She drives to the bus station in Fallbrook, rides the bus to Vista and picks up the Sprinter there. She gushes that her entire month’s pass for the bus and Sprinter is paid for by two days of gasoline costs for the equivalent commute to work.

Another manager tells me she runs into people at Wal-Mart and other businesses that she recognizes and they realize they met on the train. Everyone within reasonable access to a Sprinter station uses it now. It drastically reduces commuting costs, and where people used to drive and get stressed in traffic, they are now listening to books on their iPods, working on their laptops, or reading good old-fashioned magazines or books, while saving money.

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Now why can’t we have a north-south line that goes downtown in the I-15 corridor, stopping at all the major intersections, including Mission Valley, the Mira Mesa exit, the Miramar exit, and Rancho Bernardo Road?

Why can’t we have the north-south line expanded to go to Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, Corona and San Bernardino?

This makes so much sense.

Let’s stop the Iraq war for a few weeks, and take the savings to build a few train routes. Rather than making a few corporations rich, we’re going to enrich the lives of thousands of commuters all over Southern California every day.

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