Voting for a President

I have never voted for a man that actually became president.  

So now you know who I voted for every time. I need to highlight that when there were three, I was one of the Perot voters.

I was not yet a US citizen when Reagan was elected, so I had nothing to do with that. But I did vote against George H.W. Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush and Bush.

In local or national elections, I usually vote for the man or woman, not the party or the ideology. I try to vote for character. Needless to say, I have never been part of a party and I have always been registered as an independent.

When voting for presidents, I usually didn’t vote for somebody, but against the other. I voted against Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush and Bush, more correctly stated.

For the upcoming election, this situation is drastically different than it has been for me since Reagan. This time I actually have deep respect for both candidates. This time, I get to vote FOR somebody, and I get to evaluate the issues.

I have written blog entries about Obama and McCain’s books, and I will write entries about pros and cons as I see it in a future post.

This is actually exciting this year.

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