Movie Review: Juno

Watched the movie Juno last week. I picked it because Ebert gave it four stars, which is generally one of my qualifying criteria to go to any movie in the first place.  I was not let down.

This is about a sixteen year old girl that gets pregant. It’s a simple story about a tough subject. Movies about teenagers getting pregnant are sometimes glorifying the pregancy and can easily be patronizing. Not this one.

The protagonist is an excellent actor, the script and story are delightful. There isn’t a villain in the entire movie. All the people are good people, albeit many of them are in a bad situation that life simply dealt them.

You should watch this movie if you are a teenager involved in a pregancy. I know I don’t have any readers in this category.

You should also watch this movie if you want uplifting entertainment, first rate acting and some laughs.

It’s a simple movie that works

Rating - Three Stars

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