San Diego Fires – The Bad Luck of the Draw

We signed the lease for the new house to move into over a week ago. Then the fires happened. 

This is the house we’re moving into. You can see the house is completely intact, and the one to the right of it is completely gone. You can see the tree is singed on the right side. You can also see some of the rose bushes are brown. About where the people are standing, there was a fence to the right, and to their feet is a koi pond.


This is a picture from the driveway of what is left of the house next door. There is another one completely gone to the right of that one.


Below a picture from the corner of the property looking south to the two burned homes. In the garage of the second one was a car that had pretty much melted down.


One more, stepping further back.


The fence was burned next to the koi pond. The pump to circulate the water in the pond was melted. The fish survived.


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