Spared – House Still Standing

The message below is an email I received tonight from a good friend in Fallbrook. Hundreds of homes were destroyed in his neighborhood. Here is the message, which speaks for itself:

Would you let the team know that miraculously our home was spared. We just got word from a friend who is an EMT who stood in front of our home, which is intact. Across the street there is nothing! We even have power and a phone as I just called my number and got my voice message. We are still in Lake Elsinore and will try to get into our home tomorrow to assess the smoke smell and such and take care of our fish and the plants. We leave for our kids in MN on Friday for the weekend and this will be extra special. We grieve for our wonderful neighbors who lost their homes, including the priest who brought us all the avocados. Please thank everyone for their messages of concern, their prayers, and their thoughts. I am copying Norbert too as he was checking his sources for us.  We are very emotional right now and extremely exhausted, but many, many are not as blessed as we.

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