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Check out the tweet above. At 3:29am this morning, Trump apparently couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to attack somebody. So he¬†came after¬†himself.

First, he called his Executive Order, which was found unconstitutional by the courts twice, a Travel Ban. Calling it that was exactly one of the reasons why it was struck down. So he reaffirmed the arguments of the courts here.

Then he threw the Justice Department under the bus. These are people who work for him, and under him. He tells the Justice Department what to draft, and then they draft it, and then he signs it. So telling the Justice Department it “should have” done something is like telling himself he got it wrong, or he didn’t know what he was doing at the time.

Then he made himself look like a fool. He, not the Justice Department, was who signed the Executive Order that was found unconstitutional. He was the one that signed it. It was his order, not that of the Justice Department. Is he therefore saying that he wishes he had done something different?

How would you like to work for a boss who attacks and accuses you on a whim, whether you deserve any blame or not? How would you like to work for a boss who does one thing today, and then blames you for him doing it tomorrow? Clearly, this man is not thinking rationally, at 3:29am. How can he find anyone to work for him?

And that is our President of the United States.

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