Movie Review: The Gift

The Gift

Simon and Robyn just moved to Los Angeles where Simon has a new executive job. Things are going well for them. As they get situated, they run into Gordo, one of Simon’s high school classmates.

Simon does not seem to recognize him at first. Gordo welcomes the couple into the community and drops off a gift at their doorstep. It seems strange to them, but harmless at first.

Then, while Simon is at work, Gordo shows up unannounced and befriends Robyn. She starts to suspect that there is something between the two men beneath the surface that she does not understand.

How well does she actually know her own husband? As the digs deeper into the past, she finds some unsettling truths that bring havoc into their lives.

The Gift is a mystery thriller and very highly rated by the reviews. It is very well done. I was captivated by the story and intrigued to find out what actually happened. This is an entertaining movie that you won’t regret seeing.

Rating - Two and a Half Stars