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In Afghanistan, the Taliban wants girls to receive no education. They want people to hear no music, do not dance, do not enjoy or create art of any kind. They want them to stay dumb, consume, breed – and pray.

In the United States, John Boehner just announced that Congress should “stop abortion” this year. They want us to stay dumb, consume, breed – and pray.

Two me, the two are symptoms of the same disease. Religion mucking with government and with people’s private ambitions, lives, interests and their health and reproductive decisions.

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Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, a few days ago, beheaded 15 men and two women because the two women were dancing under music at a party. The Taliban, being Muslim fundamentalists,  do not allow music and dancing.

Let me get this straight:

  • It’s a sin to listen to music and dance.
  • It’s not a sin to behead people.

I wonder what the executioners were thinking when they went home that night and did their own impure things while nobody was watching?

Music and dancing are as old as humanity.

In the name of religion, 17 people are dead now, and their crime was being human.

And we Americans think we are going to “fix” Afghanistan? Ever?

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