Redistribution of Wealth

Yesterday I heard some statistic that the richest 15 people in the United States have more wealth than the bottom 100 million combined.

Donald Trump is not one of those 15. On the Forbes list he is at rank 121 with his $4.5 billion. He always says he should be ranked higher and claims $10 billion, but be that as it may, objective observers put him at number 121.

I am sure I am part of the 100 million on the bottom. And so are likely you, my hardworking reader. What I don’t get is this:

When Obama was first running for office, some eight years ago, everyone called him the great “redistributer” even though the redistribution was well underway, starting with Reagan and going on through the Bush years. And the redistribution was not what we all were talking about. It was a redistribution of wealth from the pockets of workers like me and you to the pockets of the billionaire class like Trump. And Obama hasn’t slowed it down. It’s still going on.

What I also don’t get is this:

How in the world does Trump collect supporters among the 100 million, workers like you and I, and convinces them that he, one of the billionaire class, has our best interest in mind? Do Trump supporters really think he will do the right thing for the middle class and start stemming the tide of redistribution that has been going on for decades, so the wealth of the workers stays with the workers?

They really believe that he understands what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck?

They really think he would even care?

So I sent another thirty-five dollars to Bernie Sanders today. Call me crazy.