Glyphosate (Roundup) is Not Harmful to Humans

… or so this Monsanto Lobbyist says:

He says you could drink it. The interviewer counters, and offers him a glass. “I am not an idiot,” he says.

The hypocrisy of this guy is appalling. Then he calls the interviewer a “complete jerk” as he walks off the set in panic.

Food Labeling – Proposition 37 – and Monsanto

Just a month ago, Prop 37 which institudes food labeling in California, had 68% in favor and it was winning by a landslide. Obviously, people want to know what’s in their food – it does not matter if the stuff in their food is actually dangerous or benign.

We want to know!

Monsanto and their supporters have raised $40 million to defeat Prop 37, and it’s working. Only 48% of  the population is now in favor. Well-designed propaganda, on Facebook, online, in flyers and on television is misleading and confusing the people.

Since the bill is not perfect, and some hotdogs require labeling and others don’t, they claim we should not have this requirement.

Nonsense, all of it!

We want to know what’s in our food!