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I am sure if I tried hard enough I could find twenty statements by Trump about what he was going to do on his first day, sometimes his first hour, in office. Here is just one such statement:

He said he would move criminal illegal immigrants out of the country:

Day 1, my first hour in office, those people are gone

— at a rally in Arizona

Well, it’s Day 2 now. Are they gone?

Here is an entire post that discusses Trump’s speech.

Obviously, Trump will tell us that statement was not to be taken literally. That leads me to conclude that most of his statements are not to be taken literally. But then let’s reflect on one action he actually took on Day 1.

In one of his very first official acts of his presidency, Donald Trump has increased taxes on a million middle-class homebuyers by reversing a scheduled cut of 0.25 percent in mortgage insurance. This action undid a last-minute Obama order.

Chuck Schumer:

“It took only an hour after his positive words on the inaugural platform for his actions to ring hollow,” Schumer said. “One hour after talking about helping working people and ending the cabal in Washington that hurts people, he signs a regulation that makes it more expensive for new homeowners to buy mortgages.”

I am assuming this act has less to do with HUD or homebuyers, but with a symbolic reversal of an Obama order. However, let’s get the facts straight: Trump told the middle class of America he had their backs in the inaugural speech, and then an hour later he acted to cause middle-class families a financial burden.

His action facilitated redistribution of wealth from the middle class to corporation.


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