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Here is a good rant for you about the political landscape in the United States right now by one of my favorite conservatives. Not because I agree with him, but because he points out unique angles and aspects some of us might not have thought of. I am a strong believer of drinking the Kool-Aid of another color on occasion lest one gets rusty and crusty drinking only one’s own lukewarm brew all the time.

I have spoken out a few times against the plutocracy Trump is establishing. Then Chiefio says:

We have the “OMG, Trump is choosing successful Billionaires!@!” complaint (one supposes the Loony Side Of Left would rather he chose losers or those who can be bought…).

Alright, he got me. Whom should he rather choose?

What pisses me off is that they still claim they are in it for the little man like me and you. I don’t believe one word, but then, I don’t have the answers either. So here it goes:

The Trump Transition, less than 5 weeks left to the long nightmare…
via TT – Minus 5 weeks — Musings from the Chiefio

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