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This is really hard to watch.


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Pigs are highly intelligent animals, rumored to be smarter than dogs or cats. The novel Animal Farm by Orwell takes advantage of that fact for its plot. Pigs in “factory farms” spend their entire lives in small cages. Mother sows can’t even turn around. Their waste is flushed into open cesspools and when they fill up, the farmers spray the waste into the air so the globules drift away with the wind – onto the neighbors.

This is what it takes to provide cheap pork at Costco. Real farms would be way more expensive. Our hunger for inexpensive meat overrules our sense of responsibility for the lives and welfare of animals and the pollution of our environment.

Check out the video above and then go enjoy your BBQ.

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John Reinke takes care of exotic animals, while dealing with his own tragedies.

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This is not for you if you are queasy.

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