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Safari Frame

I painted a safari picture on a piece of plywood, based on a photograph Trisha brought back from Botswana last year. Then I mounted it in an old mirror frame with doors that was languishing around the house. This is the finished product in our entry way. Frame repurposed. Window to Africa established. Here is a larger version of the painting itself.

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The size of Africa, being in the center of the world map, often is distorted to its disadvantage. Greenland, Alaska and Siberia look huge, Africa just looks big. How big really is it?

size of africa

Size of Africa [click for picture credit]

As you can see on this map, Africa is bigger than most of Europe, the United States, China, Japan and India combined.

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Obama tweeted this picture on Valentine’s Day.

Young Obama

Who would have thought, when this picture was taken probably somewhere in Africa, perhaps twenty years ago, that we’re looking at the future president of the United States.

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