Capitol of Alaska

A few weeks ago we were in Alaska, and during a short visit to Juneau, I took a walk up the hill to the government area.

Here is the front view of the Alaska State Capitol:

I walked to my left and just a hundred feet down the street is the State Office Building:

Many years ago I developed a student identification tracking system for the State of Alaska, and I remember many phone calls with folks in Alaska. I assume they work in this building. From where I was standing to take this photo, when I turned around, this was my view: Another angle of the State Capitol:

Then I walked up the street to my left, and just about five minutes up the hill is the Governor’s Mansion:

It’s a nice home right by a city street, just a very short walk from the Capitol and the State Office Building. It seemed very accessible. I could have walked up to the door and knocked, if I had wanted to.

In fact, it’s a very unassuming location. Here is a street picture from the other side of this building:

As you can see, there is just normal street parking of the neighbors. The white building on the right is the Governor’s Mansion.

Of course I didn’t even know the name of the current governor. I had to look it up: Mike Dunleavy. He was a teacher and educator before he entered politics. Here is his Wikipedia page.

Of course, as we all know, the governorship of Alaska became notorious in the 2007 election with Sarah Palin.

I enjoyed my short stroll to check out the government complex in Juneau.

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