New Artwork: Lath Art American Flag

I wanted to experiment with lath art, which is basically using strips of wood to make works of art. To “get my hands dirty” I set the goal of making an American flag out of wood. The materials are all simple and straight from Home Depot. Strips of wood, a plywood backing, and I cheated with the stars. I bought them in bulk precut from an Etsy site.

Once I had finished the “painting” I needed a frame, so I asked my friend Kevin in New York, who is an accomplished woodworker, to make me a frame. The frame arrived today. It’s a mahogany shadow box.

Now I still have to finish and glue the frame, varnish it, finish the flag itself and mount it. It’s meant to be outside, so I have to give it a good seal, for the frame and the piece, to keep it from drying out or absorbing moisture.

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