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Navalny, after surviving an assassination attempt, and recovering in Germany, the Russian government (Putin) portrayed him as a traitor.

Then Navalny did the incredible. Rather than staying safe and protected in the west, he went back to Russia and promptly got arrested.

Now Putin has a problem. No traitor would do that. Only a sincere man would put his life on the line for his country. That’s exactly what Navalny did. The Russian people have had enough. They have now been oppressed by their own government in many forms for more than 100 years.

I have never been to Russia, and I am not likely to ever go there as long as it’s a corrupt oligarchy with a murderer at its head.

But I admire the Russian people, their spirit, their intelligence, and their history. I always wanted to learn some Russian. Perhaps I can make the trip one day when Navalny is its president?

Here is more information about Navalny -> Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Russia Today

  1. Dmitry

    Dumb american redneck. On January 21, he calls the protesters in the United States a gang, and two days later he admires the protesters in Russia. Old piece of shit. You will not come to Russia, because Navalny will never become president.

    1. Wow, that is a strong reaction. I obviously must not understand the context of the protest in Russia and the difference between what happened in the U.S. Capitol and what’s going in in the Russian protests. What happened in the U.S. on January 6 was a coup attempt and an insurrection. I don’t see that in the Russian protests, but I stand to be corrected. And I had to re-read my post, because I am not saying anything about admiring protesters in Russia. I said: “I admire the Russian people, their spirit, their intelligence, and their history.” I said I am not likely to visit Russia while it’s governed by the current administration. But then, I am just a dumb American redneck.

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