Subverting the U.S. 2020 Election

As the national uproar confirms, Trump’s attempt to subvert and overturn the election now has a handful of members of the Senate and Congress bought into the scheme. They are actively trying just that: Invalidate a proper election, according to Trump’s own officials, the most secure election in history. Here are the facts:

Trump won 2016 with 306 electoral votes and he lost the popular vote.

Biden won 2020 with 306 electoral votes and he won the popular vote by over seven million votes.

Trump called his own election in 2016 a landslide. Biden won by the same “landslide” and largest popular vote difference ever.

I don’t think the rogue GOP members will this off, and our democracy will prevail. However, we just happen to have the House of Representatives under control of the Democratic Party. I shudder to think what would be taking place right now if the House were under Republican control. They might just have succeeded.

There are now elected senators and congressmen who are actively trying to stage a coup. I don’t have a better word for what’s going on right now. If it were to succeed this time, there would never again be normal elections in the United States. There’d be sham elections, like they have them in Russia, or they used to in Iraq, when we laughed about them. We would have a one-party system, with strongmen at the top, running things like mob bosses, running the country like Trump has in the last four years.

Look at 2020, and you see Trump’s America. It is not “great” to say the least. It’s a dumpster fire out there.

I believe the activities of the president and key members of Congress cannot be swept under the rug of history. These activities need to be exposed for all to see, and we need new laws in place so they can never happen again. Elections in America have always been sacred. Every transition of power has occurred peacefully after the people have spoken – until now. I believe this has been extremely dangerous to our democracy or country. This is NOT patriotic. This is seditious.

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