Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation of Jaime Harrison

Lindsey Graham is wondering where all of Jaime Harrison’s money is coming from. He thinks there are some dark forces afoot. Here is an article in HuffPost with more detail.

Where’s all this money coming from?” Graham asked in an interview Wednesday with The Hill. “Some of these shadowy figures out there running ads, is there any foreign influence afoot?”

Graham conceded last month that, in fact, he’s getting “killed” by Harrison’s fundraising because his foes “hate my guts.” He pleaded for contributions on Fox News.

— HuffPost

Well, I know where SOME of Harrison’s money is coming from. From me.

I live in California, and I have no contact of any type in South Carolina and I would not normally take an interest in their local elections. However, I have been sending multiple $50 contributions to Harrison over the last few months, the most recent just a few days ago.

Lindsey Graham has acted like a snake in the grass in the last four years. When Trump was just a candidate, he blasted him for what he was, a cheat, a dilettante, a fraud and a national security risk. There are videos of Graham to this effect. When Judge Garland was in line to be confirmed, Graham stated that in an election year, the current president should not be appointing a new justice.

Yet, he has been enabling Trump and pandering to him for political expediency. Graham could have acted like an individual with character, like McCain, or Romney, and stood for what was right and decent. In that case, he would have had my support. Instead, he has chosen the swamp. And now he is drowning in that swamp.

The message to Graham is: There is nothing dark about the money coming to Harrison. It’s voters all over the country, like myself, sending their $50 every month to make sure you’re not re-elected. It’s over.

I think I’ll send another $50 now just for good measure.

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